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Need a web host? The goal of this website is to help you the consumer find web host, web hosting services, web hosting companies and related services that best fit your needs. This is a rather new website, so it is going to take us a little time to grow the website (likely more that just a 'little' time), please have patience with us while we work on that aspect. We also hope to add an ability for you to give us feedback on various web hosts, (but that may be a while in coming). If you like what we are doing (or working towards) please show your support by linking to this website or by giving us a favourable review on Google, ever little bit help. Alternately if you think we need to improve, then please reach out to us by email, and give us a chance to make some changes, or at least to reply to you concern. :)

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting services are what enable you to host your website. They may even help you to create your website, if they have an auto-installer for a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress. (WordPress is free, and is designed for people who do not know HTML, CSS, or how to program and who are not web developers.) There also 'website builders', but more on that later on. :) There are also other types of CMS besides WordPress. There are a huge number of web hosts out there.

Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting companies are companies which offer 'website hosting' or 'web hosting', the choice of the term is yours. They usually also sell (rent for a year) domain names, and may offer your SSL certficates and various other services. Most offer linux web hosting or cpanel web hosting, some offer 'windows hosting'. (Most websites are not built for a windows web hosting environment.)

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HostPapa Review

HostPapa is web hosting company that has acquired some other web hosts including lunarpages. HostPapa looks to be a very well run web hosting company offering top notch service. They sure have been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years!

Web Hosting WordPress

Web Hosting WordPress, now that is a huge topic. WordPress is free, and it comes with a built in update feature to keep your version of WordPress up to date for you! So basically WordPress was created for use by people who are not web developers or programmers, to work sort of like a word processor program, so that you can create and maintain your website on your own wihtout having to hire anyone. That said you would still nee to buy (rent for a year) a domain name, and you would need to buy web hosting (which is usually a monthly expense), as your website as it needs to 'sit', or 'reside', be 'hosted' someplace other than on your laptop or PC, etc. We are hosting this website at

GeekStorage Review

GeekStorage is a solid web host. These guys rock! They offer nice prices on web hosting plans, & really good prices on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and more. GeekStorage would be a sound choice.

Web Hosting WordPress Theme

A Web Hosting WordPress Theme, is a pre-made WordPress template for your website, that you can use. There are many free WordPress templates out there, and many paid ones as well. We would suggest starting with a free one. (You should also use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, to help your wensite rank in Google search results.)

Website Builder

A Website Builder is a program usually offered by a web hosting company to its customers, to allow them to build their own website. The website builder might be free, or it may have various levels, including free, then paid levels for more complex features. Website buildres are an alternative to WordPress.


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